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People enter a deep state of relaxation to release stress while under the guidance of professional hypnotists in Taiyuan, North China"s Shanxi province, March 21, 2018. [Photo/]

Chinese are spending more money on products that can help them get a better night"s rest, according to the latest report by Shanghai-based research firm CBNData.

Sales of bedding, sleep-monitoring devices, medicine and other products have surged in the past three years across online shopping platforms by Alibaba, the country"s top e-commerce player, the research said, without disclosing detailed figures.

According to the report, people are becoming increasingly aware of the mental, physical, and economic costs of sleep problems. While Chinese have on average 7.1 hours of sleep every day, 56 percent of them claim to face problems such as vivid dreams, light sleep, exhaustion and headaches upon awaking.

Rising awareness levels are causing consumers to act. The study found that people aged above 40 are more likely to turn to treatment-based remedies, such as natural foods and supplements.

Meanwhile, those born in the 1980s are more likely to resort to ambience optimization in order to turn the bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, spending big on high-quality mattresses, bedding and pillows. The research also found that those from the 1990s generation aren"t hesitant to purchase products such as like eye masks and scented sprays.

Purchasing behavior also differs across regions. For example, people from North China tend to choose (decaffeinated) tea and scented candles and those in East China prefer supplements like enzymes. Meanwhile, consumers from Southern provinces have shown a special interest in essential oils.