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Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo said Tuesday that an online celebrity"s Weibo account has been banned from publishing posts for six months, following her recent inappropriate comments on "comfort women."

In an offline activity, the owner of the account, ayawawa, inappropriately referred to "comfort women" - who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese army during World War II - which sparked public criticism, Sina Weibo said in a post.

Though the account owner did not publish the remarks on the Weibo account, the account has caused serious social adverse effects, and Sina Weibo decided to ban it from publishing posts and being followed for six months.

The owner of ayawawa, whose real name is Yang Bingyang, born in 1983, is a writer and a relationship expert, according to information on the Sina Weibo account.

During an emotional training course for women, Yang said that women could use their gender advantages, such as a beautiful appearance and gentle personality, to gain men"s love and financial support instead of working themselves.

She said that females during wars have more chances than males to survive because of their gender advantages, saying the "comfort women" survived the war in this way.

Her statements sparked public criticism, with some angry web users leaving abusive comments on her Weibo account.